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Designed for freelancers, creators, self employed business owners and anyone who feels misunderstood by the traditional banking sector. Use your credit line at your convenience. Just like a credit card but without the high fees.

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Banki Line of Credit for freelancers

Develop & Grow
Manage larger projects, hire staff, buy better tools and services to develop your business. You can do more, and we believe in you.

Backup & Emergency Funds
We know what's it's like to be a your own boss. Your cashflow and income fluctuate, and having a line of credit is critical for keeping the lights on.

Build Your Healthy Credit Score
Pay on time and earn trust to gain access to exclusive future perks and custom financial services.

Banki Line of Credit Vs. Other Solutions
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Free application

Transparent 2.5% flat fee on transactions

Repay next billing cycle

Revolve by paying minimum amount

No hidden fees


Application fees

Hidden transaction fee

Frozen credit line

No flexibility

Early payment fees, processing fees, subscription fee

What you need for your Line of Credit application

Work Data
Certificate of Earnings from Upwork, Mostaql, Ureed or self-issued invoices history

Bank / Payment Statements
Bank account, Payoneer or Paypal statements for last 6 months

Personal ID
Official personal identification (e.g. ID, Passport, Driver's License, etc.)

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the qualifications and documents required for the Line of Credit application?

Banki Line of Credit Fees

When do I payback?

Using the Line of Credit

Do I need collateral?

How do I make repayments?

Borrowing and expiration

Can I make payment before the repayment date?

Missed the repayment due date?

Example of the Banki line of credit in action

Application Process