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Exclusive Deals Worth Over SAR 40,000

Unlock exceptional discounts on tools like Notion, AWS, GitHub, Figma, Google, and more, tailored for the evolving needs of Saudi freelancers.

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Software Developers
Digital Marketers
Art Directors
Writers & more..
Biometric identification, support and lock card features.

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Dive into a comprehensive repository of resources, from writing aids to gig-finding tips, curated specifically for freelancers in Saudi Arabia.

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Join our engaging sessions and consultations, addressing a spectrum of challenges unique to Saudi freelancers and creators

Sharia compliant option

Banki offers you the best financial solutions that comply with Islamic finance Shariah standards.

Discover Numa's Comprehensive Services in Jordan

Take a glimpse at our range of solutions available in Jordan. From checking accounts and virtual cards to a full suite of financial tools for freelancers – experience the innovation that Numa brings to the financial world.

Virtual IBANs
Virtual Prepaid Cards
Business Growth Tools
Deals & Discounts
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Banki prepaid card
Banki Line of Credit on mobile app

Banki Credit Card
Up to $5,000 Line of Credit approved in 24 hours

Designed for freelancers, creators, self employed business owners and anyone who feels misunderstood by the traditional banking sector. Use your credit line at your convenience. Just like a credit card but without the high fees.

Simplified account analytics

Invoice, payments, expenses - All managed effortlessly with Banki app.

Expense management overview.